Brew Up Some Good Health


As you now know, we at NeuraVite are constantly scouring the medical literature to bring useful information regarding peripheral Neuropathy and related topics.



 So, here’s some “news you can use”.

In a recently published batch of studies we found some good news on our favorite morning beverage… coffee.


Coffee gets a lot of attention because we drink so darn much of it.


Here are a few good reasons to enjoy a cup…. or two! Many previous studies have found benefits at one to two cups a day, but some concerns with three or more… uh oh.


These new studies are more encouraging. They show that the benefits of the bean extend to both genders, all ethnic groups and are significantly beneficial in several areas of disease prevention.… even at higher per day doses.


Respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, cancers, digestive diseases and….diabetes and its related complications.... were all positively affected by a cup or two of Joe.


The mechanism is still unclear, but research is continuing, naturally.

Surprisingly, decaf was nearly as beneficial as the real deal. That leads researchers to speculate that there are some other factors about coffee such as bi-phenols, that might be the really good stuff for us.


Remember to abstain from (or limit) sugar.. but cream is OK. Bottoms up.

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