L-Carnitine, Neuropathy and Your Health

Posted by: Natural Neuropathy Treatment - NeuraVite on February 15, 2015
An article was published April 8, 2013, on page A3 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: New Health Worry in Red Meat, written by Melinda Beck.
This article reported on a study led by Stanley Hazen, chief of cellular and molecular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute. The researchers found that carnitine, present in red meat and many supplements and energy drinks, is converted by bacteria in the digestive tract to TMAO, which promotes atherosclerosis. This can lead to heart disease.
Why is this important to neuropathy sufferers?
L-carnitine is frequently found in commercial neuropathy supplements. Since many neuropathy sufferers are also at risk for heart disease, this is of significant concern.
We at NeuraVite have never used L-carnitine in our product. The studies that suggested L-carnitine could be effective in neuropathy treatment primarily used Intramuscular injections of this amino acid. Studies using the oral form were less convincing.
We urge you to carefully read the ingredients in any supplement you may be considering, especially those for neuropathy.
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