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There are two ways to help your patients and supplement your practice with NeuraVite:
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Over the past several years, significant research published in peer reviewed journals has demonstrated the efficacy and safety of high dose vitamin therapy in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Clinical use of safe, effective, all-natural vitamins for neuropathy provides a viable supplementation or alternative to neuropathy medications, without requiring management of secondary effects.


Although traditional medications such as pregabalin, Gabapentin, Lyrica and tricyclics have their place in the palliative treatment of neuropathy, high dose vitamin therapy offers significant advantages to the patient and clinician. We encourage you to learn more about incorporating safe and effective neuropathy therapy into your practice. 


You’ll soon see why so many doctors recommend NeuraVite for both diabetic nerve pain, and as a natural treatment for neuropathy resulting from other conditions. 


Join the ever growing number of clinicians who utilize high dose vitamin therapy NeuraVite, as their first-line treatment in the management of peripheral neuropathy.


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