Frequently Asked Questions about NeuraVite

1. Can NeuraVite be taken with other medications such as Neurontin, Lyrica, and Cymbalta for my peripheral neuropathy?

Yes, the mechanism of action of these medications is very different from NeuraVite. Over time, you may find that you are able to reduce the amounts you need of the other medications as the effect of NeuraVite is realized. We recommend you always check with your doctor before changing doses or stopping any medications.

2. Are there other benefits of taking NeuraVite daily?

Yes, increasing clinical evidence suggests that the components of NeuraVite contribute to the maintenance of cognitive function such as memory and problem solving.

3. How does NeuraVite work?

The exact mechanism of action is unknown, but the components are known to support and nourish the nerves.

4. Is NeuraVite different from other neuropathy supplements?

Yes, only NeuraVite contains four of the supplement ingredients clinically demonstrated to address both the symptoms and causes of neuropathy.

5. What about the causes of neuropathy?

In many types of neuropathy, nourishing and stabilizing the nerves is critical to alleviation of symptoms and potentially reversing the damage.

6. Are there any side effects associated with NeuraVite?

There are no reported serious side effects from the ingredients in NeuraVite. But always report any concerns to your doctor.

7. Is NeuraVite covered by my insurance?

Maybe. Some plans do cover vitamins and supplements when recommended by your doctor. Check with your insurance plan directly about reimbursement.

8. Why should someone take NeuraVite?

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy and other forms of neuropathy can be devastating for the patient. Constant pain, numbness and risk of more serious problems can be consequences. Currently, no other product contains the four ingredients of NeuraVite, in their specific dosage, without other fillers.

9. I am diabetic but do not currently have diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Should I take NeuraVite?

Always check with your doctor, but the best clinical evidence suggests that active prevention is critical to forestalling diabetic peripheral neuropathy and its potentially severe consequences. Why wait until neuropathy symptoms appear? Start your preventive lifestyle before they do.

10. What is peripheral neuropathy?

It is an often painful condition affecting the nerves of the extremities, most often the feet and legs. It can progress to numbness and loss of protective sensation leaving the patient at risk for injury and ulceration. It can be caused by diabetes, alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, low back syndrome (sciatica), or other less common conditions. The nerve itself is starved for nourishment and fails to function properly. The result is pain, numbness, tingling or other unpleasant sensations.

11. What is NeuraVite?

NeuraVite is a blend of four nutritional supplements, each clinically proven to enhance nerve function and potentially reverse neuropathic pain from many causes. Current neuropathy medications often have unpleasant side effects and interactions with other medications. NeuraVite is not a drug!  It is a natural treatment for neuropathy, which combines three specific forms of vitamins and ALA, an essential fatty acid. NeuraVite is manufactured in the United States to the highest standards in the industry. Purity, safety and effectiveness are our foremost concerns.

12. I have heard Vitamin E is a treatment for neuropathy. Why did you not include vitamin E in NeuraVite?

Some recent studies have even suggested that excessive amounts of vitamin E can be harmful in other health areas, such as bleeding time and men's health issues. Additionally, Vitamin E is often included in multivitamin supplements.

13. What if I am taking other vitamins or supplements already?

It is unlikely that store bought vitamins contain the specific form of the vitamin supplements found in NeuraVite.  But we recommend you always discuss with your physician ANY vitamins, supplements or medications you may be taking.

14. Couldn't I just take these supplement ingredients individually?

You could do that, but you would need to purchase four separate bottles of the correct form of each of the ingredients found in NeuraVite...and take all four every day.

15. Can non-Diabetics take NeuraVite?

Yes. There are multiple causes of peripheral neuropathy that may have a nutritional component and be improved by NeuraVite.

16. Will NeuraVite change as the science and clinical knowledge changes?

Absolutely. Our formula is based on the most current information. As research continues, we will change as appropriate.

17. How large is the NeuraVite capsule?

NeuraVite is a standard capsule instead of a pill to make it easier to swallow. We made it orange so it is unlikely to be confused with other medications. You can also see the photo for comparison.

NeuraVite Capsule FAQ's

18. What time of day should I take NeuraVite?

The best time to take NeuraVite is with food in the morning.

19. Is there a problem taking NeuraVite with my other medications?

There are no known drug interactions with NeuraVite and other medications.