"If you want to forget your own problems, help someone else work on theirs"-Mother Teresa



What we have found along our mutual path with sufferers of DPN, is that you're a caring bunch. The empathy for the plight of others in our community is evident to us, every day.

The mastery over the pain is helped, in some way by helping others. What an unanticipated and validating finding that was.

It is empowering and life affirming to know that those in need, seek to help others.

We have helped to create an awesome community of empathy through you. That's why we're announcing a challenge.



This month, for every bottle of NeuraVite that is sold, we will give away another bottle FREE to a truly needy DPN sufferer through our worldwide partners. As a gift from you to another member of our tribe.

Remember to tune in here as we will periodically bring the newest science and medicine regarding DPN. We scour journals, posts, and news items calculated to bring a better understanding of PN to you.


Knowledge is power

We share tips and suggestions that can enhance your life and knowledge about PN all backed by best practices and solid, legitimate research. Check back with us soon!


Yours in health,

Dr. Derick A. Ball