Natural Neuropathy Treatment

Treatment Modalities

Pharmaceuticals: Treatment choices are limited and are often symptom based rather than remedial.
Palliative therapies, such as the prescription medications pregabalin, gabapentin, and tricyclic antidepressants, though very effective in some cases, can be difficult to tolerate. Often, side effects and cost prohibit ongoing treatment.
Vitamin and Supplement Therapy:  We recommend only clinically proven USP ingredients. Although vitamin therapies may take several weeks to show improvement, they do so in a safe manner without side effect or drug interactions. Carefully read labels for any unwanted or unproven ingredients.
Physical Therapy: Several promising therapies are currently under investigation.  Although only providing temporary relief, anodyne therapy may relieve some sufferers.  Here are some useful links:

Get the Help You Need with NeuraVite – The Natural Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

NeuraVite is a natural peripheral neuropathy treatment recommended by doctors who deal with the condition on a regular basis, such as endocrinologists, podiatrists, clinicians, and diabetologists. Our natural formula includes ingredients to improve your nerve function (alpha lipoic acid), help nerve regeneration (Vitamin B12), help form healthy red blood cells (Vitamin B6), and reverse nerve mortality (Vitamin B1).
We use only clinically proven ingredients, which is especially important because many homeopathic “cures” available on the market haven't been tested and may cause side effects that you don't want. Also, NeuraVite is made in the United States in a facility that has been FDA inspected and GMP approved – so you can be confident that it is a safe.
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