NeuraVite - Our Story

We believe that NeuraVite can change the course of peripheral neuropathy and give our customers a better quality of life.


NeuraVite was developed by a team of doctors and clinicians who have treated diabetics suffering from peripheral neuropathy for three decades.  Knowing that up to 75% of diabetics will be diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy (also called diabetic nerve pain, or diabetic neuropathy), and that although there are more than 100 causes of neuropathy, diabetes is to blame for more than half of all diagnoses, the doctors knew there had to be more that could be done to help treat those who were suffering.


Diabetic Downward Spiral

Otherwise, diabetics could follow the all-too-familiar downward spiral that the doctors had seen too many times.  Diabetes would lead to diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which would lead to ulceration, then infection, followed by limb loss.  Once a patient had lost one lower limb to amputation, in all likelihood, they would lose the other limb.


Weary and frustrated by the lack of available treatments to treat the symptoms, and also address the causes of neuropathy, the team began conducting extensive research. Though trained in Western Medicine, they were convinced that natural treatment for neuropathy, which didn’t produce unpleasant side effects, and that could be taken just once a day would increase the chances that their patients would take it consistently. 


Safe, Affordable and Effective

NeuraVite’s team of doctors also knew that cost was always a factor, as they had seen countless patients abandon treatment because they could not afford expensive supplements. Therefore, the doctors needed to create a treatment for peripheral neuropathy that was safe, affordable, and effective.


The team researched the most current literature in pharmacology, nutrition and neurology to find the answer. NeuraVite is the culmination of that research.


NeuraVite is the only product that combines four clinically proven vitamins and supplements to address both the symptoms and causes of neuropathy. It is safe, natural and non-habit forming. The ingredients and amounts of three vitamins and a fatty acid in NeuraVite were chosen for their specific form, for their bioavailability and for their mechanism of action.


NeuraVite contains:

Vitamin B1 as benfotiamine 150mg
Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine HCl 25mg
Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin 500mcg
ALA (alpha lipoic acid)      600mg


In treating neuropathy, it has always been important to the NeuraVite team to utilize only clinically proven ingredients. We refused to add additional fillers and ingredients found in other neuropathy supplements due to the potential damage they may cause to vital organs such as the kidneys, or the heart.  Indeed, homeopathic ingredients found in many supplements are unproven, untested and could cause unwanted side effects.  That’s why NeuraVite is made of ONLY USP, clinically proven ingredients.


NeuraVite is manufactured in a state of the art GMP certified laboratory in the United States.