10 Signs of Peripheral Neuropathy

Posted by: Natural Neuropathy Treatment - NeuraVite on December 15, 2014
10. Weakness in the legs or loss of balance when standing up suddenly especially in poor light or when walking on uneven ground.
9. Sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction
8. Dry, red or scaling skin of the feet or legs that does not respond to emollients or moisturizers.  
7. Yellowing or irregularity of the toenails or loss of hair on the toes
6. A "tight" sensation in your feet and less supple skin.
5. Restless legs when sitting or lying down.
4. Change in the shape of your feet especially loss of the arch.
3. Numbness or “electrical” jolts in the feet or legs.
2. Slow to heal sores, especially on the feet.
1. Burning or tingling in your feet and/or legs