Speaking of Healthy Habits


The website Real Age is a fountain of helpful and interesting as well as occasionally mind-boggling information regarding health. 

One post has really got us going… well.. ..nutty.

The health benefits of consuming nuts at least three times per week can be nearly as healthy as a vegan diet.

That was a surprise to us at Neuravite.

Living a vegan diet is just beyond many folks' abilities or desires, regardless of its potential benefits.But eating delicious and nutritious nuts, in all their wonderful varieties… that’s a cinch. As snacks, added to salads or in cooking, nuts provide our diet with vitamins, minerals, texture and the good kind of fats like those omega 3’s.

A good trick is to leave a bunch in your desk at work as a quick snack. Avoid the candied or overly salty ones which add unnecessary calories and sodium. A mid-morning or late afternoon snack of a handful of almonds or walnuts satisfies cravings allowing you to avoid unhealthy binge eating.
So, in short, nuts to you… for your health!
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