Current thinking on the causes of peripheral neuropathy (PN)


Sometimes, it’s hard to get our heads around the idea that medical science can move so slowly. Changes in thinking about the causes of PN, as example, are shaped by better data, clinical experience and new technologies rendering old theories obsolete.



Looking back on the recent past, we see the old theory of PN slowly being discarded by even mainstream medicine in favor of a new more complete explanation.


It was not so long ago, that the mechanism for PN was thought to be poor microcirculation. That is, the tiny blood vessels that serve the nerve itself, called the vasa nervorum, were occluded which resulted in nerve degeneration.

Many of us had our doubts even then, as so many observations and questions were not answered by that theory.


Current thinking is more exact, holistic and clinically as well as scientifically based. Poor nerve function is more likely the result of a metabolic process of poor micronutrition and free radical damage to the nerve itself.

We know, kind of “science-y”. But well supported by the many studies over the past decade or so.


Now, with the current theory, all our observations fit. Yours too, probably.

Proper nerve function requires optimal co-factors and a healthy environment scrubbed of free radicals to occur.


These cofactors include Vitamins B1, B6, B12 and Alpha Lipoic Acid, the ingredients found in NeuraVite. Good diet and blood sugar control are still required, of course.


It’s satisfying to have gotten it right the first time, but even better to share it

with you.


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