See what NeuraVite users are saying:

"After my chemo treatment, my hands and feet burned to the point that I could not sleep.  The only thing that gave me relief was that my doctor recommended NeuraVite.  Even though that was two years ago, I continue to take NeuraVite with my oncologist's recommendation." M.M.

"I had been taking NeuraVite for about a year with good results, when I thought: ' I probably don't need this anymore.'  Within a few days the burning pain returned to may hands and feet along with sleepless nights and irritability.  Within a few days of resuming NeuraVite, the pain was gone again.  I'm a believer!"  J.K.

"I had tried everything from pharmaceuticals to physical therapy to homeopathic remedies and even creams.  Nothing worked.  The side effects of the medications were as bad as the neuropathy!  NeuraVite gives me relief from the neuropathy pain with no side effects.  I will always take it!"  C.J.

"Multiple doctors recommended Lyrica or Gabapentin for my neuropathy.  Although they did decrease the symptoms, the drowsiness was intolerable.  My quality of life suffered because of it.  NeuraVite is the only supplement I have found that relieves my symptoms without that awful drowsiness that was stealing my life."  J.W.


" NeuraVite has really helped me. It's easy to take because it is only once a day. It's a great product and I recommend it highly."  V.D. 

"I have been taking NeuraVite for six years now and can attest to it's success at alleviating neuropathy.   I have suffered from facial neuropathy since surviving septic shock and was fortunate to have a doctor recommend this product.  Since taking NeuraVite, I have had significant relief and an improvement in normal facial sensation and sense of taste.  There was a brief hospitalization where I stopped taking it and my symptoms returned, only to be relieved when restarting  NeuraVite. It is now a part of my daily routine, for which I am grateful."    B.N.

"Since I have been taking NeuraVite, I have been able to cut back on my gabapentin by 1/2." B.C.
 "I suffered with diabetic neuropathy for years and tried everything. I couldn't take the prescription medication without feeling sleepy all the time. NeuraVite gives me relief from the burning pain without the drowsiness."      J.J.


"I could not continue to pay for the medication my doctor prescribed for my painful neuropathy. NeuraVite gives me the same relief at an affordable cost. Thank you NeuraVite!" T.L.


"Living with neuropathy was just not an option.  When my doctor recommended an all natural vitamin product, I jumped at the chance to try it.  I feel better and am glad I am taking a natural product."  J.M.


"I just couldn't see taking another medication.  Using a vitamin formula to relieve the burning pain just feels right."  M.L.


"My neuropathy pain was keeping me up all night.  NeuraVite has given me blessed sleep." T.S.

See what Doctors are saying about NeuraVite:

"I was frustrated with the lack of available options for my patients with peripheral neuropathy. Managing the side effects of the medications was as difficult as managing the disease. Vitamin therapy offers an excellent alternative to those unable to tolerate traditional medications." J.C.
"I feel strongly that as a physician tasked with managing my patients' peripheral neuropathy, that safer treatments, including NeuraVite, should be utilized BEFORE medications. I have seen dramatic changes in my patients quality of life while using this supplement, without side effects." A.G.
"I found many of my patients abandoning treatment due to the high cost of some of the medications I had prescribed. NeuraVite offers a cost effective alternative, all the while treating the causes of peripheral neuropathy." J.S.
"NeuraVite is now my standard recommendation to my diabetic patients, even those without peripheral neuropathy. In this, prevention is key." B.L.